Going Through it One Selfie a Day

Hey guys, its been a while since I’ve been here, well lemme see if I can recap quickly….
Well.I was sick, heartbroken , depressed and a whole lotta bad things, but what am I at the end of the day? Stronger. You ever loved someone so much you just can imagine your life without them, or you’ll willing wanna be a fool for them? Someone so special to you that you would willing defy your values and family and society for? How would you feel if someone you felt this much for just ended up treating you like trash? Then making you seem like the bad guy, when the person makes you compromise on everything but compromises on nothing for you? Terrible, right?
That’s exactly how I felt and do you know what helped and still helps me? Selfies. That’s right I said it; Selfies.
I love the narcissistic feel that comes from looking at well-taken picture of me taken by the best photography-Me. Hahahahah, love me some narcissism.


I just adore this picture. I love the way the smile reverberates through the picture, it just makes me fall in love with me and wanna say ”F**k you, if you don’t see how awesome I am”


I love the way I move from Smiling cute nerd to “you a bitch f**k you” because that’s how I feel, that’s what I moving from.


That’s right bitch(You can tell my favorite word for my ex is bitch) I still live my normal live without you, I still wake up bushy haired and hangout in a loose tee all day.
PS- Truth is some days are hard, others aren’t, just holla if you felt like this before


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