Colour Me Blue


Hey guys!!! It’s been far too long. Well, am back I hope. I know I promised that during this holidays I’ll be totally committed to the blog and I’ll post regularly now. But things happened. Okay, I’ll admit it I have been lazy. That’s for one but also Nigerian power supply is just horrible. (Chai  NEPA) who else has noticed that even though PHCN took over a couple years back we still blame NEPA maybe it’s high time we start blaming PHCN though the name doesn’t have the ring that NEPA does but that’s By the way and by the bush as my mum always says.
Right now, I feel like some denim.
Denim is one hot trend that will always be a trend. It just depends on how you style it. From the jeans to the shirt to the jacket to the shoes. What gave me the inspiration for this post was my outfit for an outing with my friends unfortunately my phone had died off and I couldn’t get a picture but I have an older picture of me with the shirt so you gotta work with me here;


Now I wore a blue shirt and wore that denim over it with a pair of jeans and denim boots and look hot ASF. Seriously, it got me thinking denim isn’t new but it’s still hot. Wearing denim as jacket is one sexy way to go: either with an actual denim jacket or a denim shirt.


The best tees to wear inside are; black, white and a light blue. Dark blue works as well depending on the shade of the shirt and the denim. Denim jackets require boots and sneakers, not dressing shoes. Take note.
Jeans are always right. Always. Okay sometimes not. Jeans are great for casual and  fashionable high end outings as well as an adventure outdoors to just as well as everything, which is why a man who doesn’t have jeans should be lynched.


(This post is particularly small and empty but I just needed to get something out there,I’ll have something better ready as soon as)


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