Summer Plans


Oh Happy Days!!!! It’s Holiday (For me) am back in Nigeria for a three month holiday, whopee. After been away from home for over four months with only a brief Christmas break, been home is a relief. However, I do realise that during this holiday I will be left with far too much free time and I need to fill me time up with activities. As they say the idle mind is the devil’s work store. (I always thought that was the idol man).
So I decided to create a list of things I should do before I go back to school. Hmm, first of all I need to rest. Boy is school stressful. And I also need to go to French classes. My French is almost nonexistent right now, I need to fine tune it, so I decided to enrol in French classes for a month or three. And of course, I need a new skin care routine as well as a new work out routine which I will be posting on the blog when I decide on one. I also need to build my blog, big time. My target page view at the end of the hols is two thousand. Meaning I will posting as regularly as possible. And yup I need to get back to my movies.
I need to rewatch some old series like;
Glee (I love that show, especially season three)
The Vampire Diaries (Because Duh)
Spartacus (Don’t judge me, it’s for an assignment. Mostly)
True Blood (Not a word)
Teen Wolf (I swear Jeff Davis is a genius)
Merlin (Because I never really got that series maybe if I pay attention this time I will love it as much as my Big Bro does. I pray)
Desperate Housewives (Love the drama)
Lekki Wives (Pretty much one of the best Nigerian Series I have ever watched)

Well that’s my plan for now, I still need to think of more movies to rewatch and movie series to start. Am assuming Nigerian power outages will allow me to actually finish a movie series cause just in the few minutes I took to write this post, the power just came back and was out after a couple of minutes.
Na God hand we dey oooooo


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