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So, it’s been a while since I posted but don’t blame me. It was finals week and after exams I had a brief rest from all things that involved thinking and then I had to travel back to Nigeria and I just wanna say Boy, did I miss Nigeria. Woah! First of all, I miss homemade meals-The life of a student, I ate basically just to survive but the moment I got home yesterday I ate serious Eba and Egusi (Melon Soup) with goat meat (I later regretted not taking a picture but hey my mind was on eating). Then in the rush and joy of the only son (which I am) coming back home I gulped a can of Malt then ate several snacks (I gained three pounds between yesterday and today BTW, am as shocked) Then I sat down to gist with my mum (My parents are divorced so she is my only Parent) and she gave me a run down of all that has been happening in Nigeria.
Woah!!! Tomatoes are expensive, well everything is now expensive. Ah ah, ki lo De? What is it na? Everything from bread to chin chin to….everything is expensive. Na wa oh.
Anyway, I ended up having to go and buy fuel immediately. Nigeria my Country. There was no power till later that night, by let’s say nine-forty.
Oh and I eventually cut my ‘fro. My mum’s idea, as always, whenever I come back to Nigeria I always end up cutting my hair low. Though I must admit it fits me, and am not worried cause in a few weeks my wild uncontrollable hair will be back.
Anyway, I am back for Good. Will be doing my best to post as regularly as possible. Thanks Guys for being so understanding and if you aren’t….you can’t touch me…


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