How to Rock Like a Fashionista


Being a fashionista means you strut in there all dazzeled and sexy, looking good and confident not caring what anyone is saying about you because you know what they have to say. You’re sexy. You’re proud. You’re expensive. Own it!! That’s what being a fashionista means. But sometimes it seems the secret about being a fashionista is locked up within the circle (It is) which is why I am here to tell you How to be a Fashionista.
First, keep up with trends. Always keep up with trends. Know the season’s don’t and dos. Cause no matter how fashionable you may seem wearing a season’s don’t tends to cancel your entire outfit. Plus, it’ll always boost your fashion rep if you can quote fashion seasons and their laws like a pro. Just sayin’.
Second, always be practical and still yet artistic. Fashion is the greatest art. Seriously, you are your very own living canvass you can paint yourself with as much colours and layers as you wish. But always be practical. Okay not to practical but Temper art with practicality. Calculate the circumstance, understand it and within it make the most artistic decision.


Maybe the most important rule of The Fashionista is be confident. You must be confident, and not in a forceful way but much easier, and calmer let the confidence come to you as the people will. One of the best ways to be confident is choosing the right pieces(I think that will be tomorrow’s post, so just hang on). Confidence comes from knowing your worth, and sometimes in fashion that actually means the total worth of what you have on. But other times, it means you understanding what you have on and rocking it like you are actually doing it a favour. Imagine this a guy with super cute black pants, Neiman Marcus White poplin shirt, Alexander McQueen Scarf, Luis Vutton boots walks by timidly and another guy in threadbare jeans, white shirt and maybe a black jacket struts in-yup struts in, confidently with a devil may care attitude who do you think will get more glances his way?



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