Letterman Vs Leather- Let’s Talk Jackets


Traditionally, The letterman jacket is a high school or college varsity thing. You know the whole footballers, sports peeps etc (I don’t know anything about sports, but I know fashion and this is fashion) but it has slowly but definitely grown from just that to a thing to be reckoned with in the realm of fashion as it completes an outfit effortlessly, and is practical against cold and of course lends an air of danger to the wearer. The air that surrounds jocks, actually comes from the jackets the wear, its pure science and has been proven (Not really). But this new item seems to threaten the alumnus ‘The Leather Jacket’ the fashion bad boy.
Known for bikers and generally badass peeps the leather jacket has always been known for its ability to transform any outfit to glamorous and dangerous from a simple jeans and white T-shirt, to a nerdy shirt and tie. Typically in black(Though available in variant colours), its black colour makes it go with just about anything.


The bad boy of fashion still remains a contender In the realm of fashion but for how long? Before The letterman jacket takes over, its more colourful pattern and more casual and simple lends it and upper hand as its danger, is much more subtle than leather and allows it to be put on much easier and more often than the leather.


Either way there will always be a glamorous and dark glow that leather offers cause leather is sexy. Always sexy. I prefer leather honestly, what about you?



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