Prologue of Night-Keepers

In the movies, we belief that good always win and evil is a thing. We belief that love is unconditional, and can defeat even the greatest dark wizard. We belief that the hero gets the girl, and the hero doesn’t cheat. That’s all true. In the movies, in reality, there is no good or evil, love exists but it isn’t as shiny and simple as the movies make it seem, rather it is gut-wrenching and complicated, and there is nothing like a wizard. What exists, are warlocks and male witches. And for your information, the hero of this book doesn’t get the girl, he doesn’t want the girl, he’s gay. And boy, does he cheat. In all ratifications. This is reality. Let’s get to it.
Ever since the Great Flood, Nephlim’s have been forbidden by the Heavenly Laws, the penalty for the creation of the ‘abominations’ as the are reffered to by the Angels is death for the Child and the slow and painful destruction of the parents-The mortal dying first because human body can only withstand pain for so long. But despite this, Angels kept procreating with the humans-I guess they just couldn’t keep it in their pants. And the killing kept piling up, eventually the most feared thing happened.
Demon and Angel essence mixed in a child, and something that couldn’t be named and for a moment they stopped, I guess they were scared. But they realized something, somehow the demon and angel essence balanced each other perfectly, of course sometimes exceptions existed and they were inbalanced. And the Hybrid race was born.
The Watchers more scared than ever killed as this new creatures but the Holy Council realized that this was creating more death and destruction than ever. And a new decision was made, since the Watchers numbers had lessened and they couldn’t keep up with their job of protecting humanity from the creatures of the Night, and the creatures of the Night from each other and still keeping the code, so the Hybrids were giving the jobs. They would become Creatures of Nyx, and would become the Keepers of The Night, they would ensure that the Creatures of the Night would live in accord of the Heavenly Code, they would keep the Secret hidden and the Night-Keepers were born. But those who refused to become Night-Keepers became the Hybrids. And this is the story of a Night-Keeper, the Night-Keeper turn the page and start your journey…

I can give you the ‘All rights reserved’ story but here is the the truth, you copy my story I will sue your ass off. I mean it, i will sue every last penny out of you frustratingly slow, then I will turn you into that hobo on your street, yea that one. Enjoy.


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