Just How Hot Monochrome Is


Now this colourless fashion is one of the basic and ‘safest’ options In fashion. Actually, it isn’t. Monochrome is an art inspired my Aztecs and Mayan perfected by the Chinese and re-evaluated by the Ghanaians. One of the most secret art of Baby, I was just yabbing. All that is a lie, but really Monochrome ain’t safe. Especially not when you are a fashionista. Especially not when you will be scrutinized, in details. Fashion may have Dos and Don’ts but it doesn’t really have ‘rules’ per se it depends on how you can pull off That Look. When it comes to Monochrome, you get the chances to take it simple; for a guy you can easily go with black jeans, a white T-shirt, black sneakers and a black hand band. For a girl, you can’t go wrong with a pair of White jeans-ripped or unripped(Dealers Choice) a Black crop-top and either boots or sneakers.
When it comes to looking stylish, my favorite male look is always the black jeans, black combat boots (Preferably with white laces, but standard boots work fine) white collared shirt with a black sweater (Preferably Alexander McQueen) and a gray scarf haphazardly thrown (Let’s just imagine a Neiman Marcus).
A girl could easily go for a short black skirt or trouser, a long sleeved white and blacked dotted loose tank-top with black heels and a flip flop black hat.


When it comes to formal monochromatic wear, we figure we got it down already especially for a guy. Black pants, white shirt, black tie blah blah blah. Sure that’s an amazing look especially if you don’t want to put some thoughts into it. My favorite formal monochromatic wear is the black and white military jacket atop black jeans black dressing shoes maybe a white scarf (What can I say I love scarves). For a lady, you can easily go with a simple black gown that clings to your curves accessorize with a white purse and white straps.




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