Jumble of Poems


Puppy Hate
I saw the change
The love bleeding out of his eyes
Eyes that looked at me with love
Adoration, compassion, loyalty
Looked at me with hatred.
Contempt quickly taking over
And I knew he hated me.
My best friend hated me.
And it was my fault.
For I had tricked him.
My actions disguised with love
Had drawn him out with fake compassion.
Promised him with wavering loyalty.
It was my fault.
He hated me.
My puppy hated me.

Dark Emotions Within
I was lost
To the world I was lost
To myself I was lost
Lost in the heated frenzy of my own lust.
Lost in this world with no one to trust.
Blinded by grief
And the lies I had weaved.
Pain, Fear, Lethargy-Phenomena I knew too well.
Secrets, Truth lurched within with no one to tell.
Slowly but clearly, to me my body was a cell.
I knew when the fear crippled me.
But when I looked around it was all I could see.
I ached for something else to feel.
But alas, It was all I could be.
With slowly pulled threads, my world fell apart at the seams.
I cried and begged and wished it was a dream.
But alas, it was my reality it seemed.

My Grey Love
I fell in love with black and white.
Their apparent simplicity.
Their moral clarity.
You were either in or out.
I deemed that fitting.
In retrospect, I should have known
Her face hadn’t shown
Whose you may wonder
Why Aphrodite no other.
She struck fast and sure.
A love powerful but impure.
A love that was nothing like I hoped for.
A love full of greying edges.
Against all my wishes
It carried me on its waves
To the rocks I was smashed.
But in the end, I still yearned
For my Grey Love.


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