Maybe Zac’s Mum Doesn’t Like Her Son Holding His Balls In a Movie


Teenage Heart-throb/superstar/supersexy guy/love of my life (even though am straight) Zach Efron is know stranger stranger to the big screen the High School Musical Star has gone from grace to higher grace. But it seems like someone doesn’t like our hunky hunk of sexy barring it all in front of the big screen. This star shared this tidbit with US Weekly that there was something he did on set of Neighbors 2 that his mum didn’t quite approve.
Guess what? Zach holding his balls in front of the camera!! Don’t worry, it was his fake balls unfortunately. Apparently there was a lot of paparazzi on the set and his mum got a picture of it and called him asking.
“Please, what are you doing?” Zach had answered
“Mum, it’s for the film” and Mama Efron was like
“Have some class”. Though we all know she was joking and is as proud of her son as we are, and supports him.


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